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Prophet Muhammad’s Promise to Christians

January 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Confident people do not get confused – Marina Mahathir

I found by chance this article the other day: “Prophet Muhammad’s Promise to Christians”.

The document is not a modern human rights treaty but even though it was penned in 628 AD it clearly protects the right to property, freedom of religion, freedom of work, and security of the person, says Muqtedar Khan. Dr Muqtedar Khan is director of Islamic Studies at the University of Delaware and a fellow of the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding.

Muslims and Christians together constitute over 50 per cent of the world and if they lived in peace, we will be half way to world peace. One small step that we can take towards fostering Muslim-Christian harmony is to tell and retell positive stories and abstain from mutual demonisation.

In this article I propose to remind both Muslims and Christians about a promise that Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) made to Christians. The knowledge of this promise can have enormous impact on Muslim conduct towards Christians. Muslims generally respect the precedent of their Prophet and try to practise it in their lives. Read more…

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Old Age – A Crown of Splendour

January 13, 2010 Leave a comment

“Since my youth, O God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvellous deeds.”

Very rightly said by the Psalmist. It further goes on to say that the older people have been given a place of honour by God. They have had the privilege of experiencing the presence of God over a life time (“Even when I am old and gray do not forsake me, O God…” is the prayer we so often hear our parents say. “…..till I declare your power to the next generation.”) hence they have abundant treasures to pass on to the generations to come. Although the youngsters hate to pay attention to their advice probably because we see their troubles not growing smaller as the years go by. (“Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again from the depths of the earth and you will again bring me up…..you will increase my honour and comfort me once again.”) Their faith in God is stronger than ever before because they have known God each day of their life.

History has always proved that elders are assets to any society. Their contributions as senior citizens at home, in the Church and in the society are undoubtedly very important even though no one ever recognizes it or even acknowledges it. Most of us fail to accept that the most important contribution is their invaluable experiences, ideas and guidance which always come free of cost. Read more…

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Little girls are the nicest things that happen to people

January 10, 2010 Leave a comment

The Women’s Desk as you all know had visualized three major areas and one of them being the “Mission Cell”. It is a significant element of our vision statement, “to enable the women of the Orthodox Church to serve in the mission field following the footsteps of Christ, thereby edifying his life and work.”

Well, my dear sisters have you really given a thought to this important role we can or more appropriately have to play as Christians? Jesus Christ simply did not preach. He also attended to the needs of the people around him, fed the hungry, healed the sick and most importantly spoke against the injustices of that time. Read more…

Mission of our Church today

December 19, 2009 1 comment

The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (MOSC) was established long before Christianity came into being in the west. Perhaps it is the only Church in India, which has survived the waves of tribulations associated with today’s modern society. It is indeed remarkable to observe that it continues to uphold its history, traditions and heritage and that too, unscathed. The society has changed, the world has changed but the MOSC continues to preserve its culture and traditions for the past centuries. A change is always difficult and can draw innumerable oppositions and protests. Nonetheless, the few who did want a change moved out and the good old traditions and rich heritage remained untarnished. And we can proudly claim to be members of a Church which retains an unique identity. Read more…

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I take thee, for better or for worse…untill death do us part!!

December 13, 2009 1 comment

I take thee, for better or for worse… untill death do us part!!

The traditional marriage vows are emotionally moving and express a noble commitment. It is a sacred vow taken in the House of God, in His presence and a promise to God that cannot be broken. Marriage as we all know was instituted in Paradise when man was in innocence (Gen 2 : 18 – 24). Here we notice that God was concerned of Adam’s solitude and God made a helper suitable for Adam. Reading through the scriptures it is evident that marriage is a sacred union between two individuals and we have absolutely no right to tarnish it.

The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Christians from Kerala have followed since time immemorial the original law of marriage. Perhaps it would be interesting to observe some of the practices that were followed by the early Church and seem to have accepted and practiced by the Syrian Christians in Kerala. Read more…

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Role of Women in the Orthodox Church…Past, Present and Future

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Role of Women in the Orthodox Church…Past, Present and Future

“The past has not been very rosy for women”
Dr. Sally Nelson
“Women are Catalysts of Change”
Ms. Bibi Kuruvilla
“Even a small step of reform is a giant leap in the Orthodox Church”
Susan Jacob


The Mar Gregorios Orthodox Student’s Movement (MGOCSM) established in the early part of this century (1908), is the oldest Christian Students Organization in Asia, and globally, is second only to the World Student Christian Federation (1859). The marvelous story of its birth and 100-year existence is now history and has been celebrated by the Chennai Diocese in a manner befitting the Centum Glorious.

… A gender perspective

Interestingly enough, the MGOCSM, which has both men and women as its members, was, initially, exclusively for men. Read more…

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Women’s participation in the Church

December 2, 2009 1 comment

Women’s participation in the Church
By H G Yuhanon Mor Meletius Metropolitan

I have been following postings on the subject of women’s participation in the Church. I am a student of Bible and theology. I have been so for the last three decades. I have never seen any passage in the Bible or any statement in the writings of our fathers that will stop us from giving equal participation to women. I certainly was not reading the Bible or the writings of the father from a prejudice on behalf of women. There are people who bring a statement from Paul who said, “Let women be silent in Church” to argue their case. They say that as if they have fulfilled all other directives from Paul and this is only one left to be implemented. Paul was talking to a specific situation and it was not meant to be taken as a universal law. Again Paul also has said, “there is neither male nor female, neither Jew or Gentile before God” (Read the Epistle to Romans).

We can see Jesus’ attitude on this when people asked him about the question of divorce.  To answer that Jesus took the creation story from Genesis chapter 1 and not from ch. 2 (only a biblical student will understand the difference– sorry about that). His statement categorically rules out any kind of sex discrimination. If we look at the kind of followers Jesus had we can understand how much He honored the participation of women. However He was wise enough not to include women among his twelve disciples since He knew that in a male dominated society of His time, that will not help spreading of His Gospel, on the contrary will only adversely affect. However, he made them apostles to the apostles after his resurrection to tell the disciples about his resurrection (John 20:17). The fact that Jesus did not have any woman apostle to go to the world is no reason for us not having women in Church general body. Let me state that once again: there is no reason ethical, biblical, social, legal or practical to segregate women from equal participation in the Church administration.
Read more…

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